About Us

The World Forum is an Independent non-governmental organization dedicated to World Peace which was established in London, England. We believe in building bridges of understanding between People, Cultures, and Civilizations.

The World Forum provides an independent global platform where people from different backgrounds can positively interact with each other. We believe in promoting understanding through positive dialogue by highlighting shared human values like Tolerance, Mutual Respect, Humanity and Compassion. The World Forum organizes and supports various events, activities and campaigns that bring people together and encourages them to work together in their common pursuit of peaceful co- Peace, Progress, and Prosperity for humanity.

The World Forum stands for World Peace & is against all Wars. We believe in ending all wars and diverting our focus our energies in fighting the common enemies of humanity such as World poverty, Global Illiteracy, Global Health issues, Energy Crisis, Water crisis, Climate Change, Discrimination, Global Warming, and other global challenges that are the common enemy of humanity.

We work closely with individuals, organizations and governments to raise awareness on global challenges facing the world and create opportunities that aim to address them.