Our Mission

To work with People

To provide a global platform for dialogue that connects people from different countries, faiths and cultures by creating opportunities of positive interaction. We believe that by engaging with one another we can build understanding, promote goodwill and encourage friendship between people, cultures and civilizations. This is the only in which wars & conflicts can be avoided, and as global citizens we can focus our energies on finding solutions to the major challenges facing our world. Through dialogue and positive engagement people can all work together to build a tolerant, educated, just and a healthy society, where people from all faiths, cultures and backgrounds can co-exist peacefully.

To work with Organizations

To collaborate with national and international organizations that share our vision of building a just, tolerant, prosperous and peaceful world. A World where dialogue is encouraged, and where people are given an opportunity to peaceful co-exist. We believe in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and would work to support all initiatives and campaigns that aim to find a solution to challenges such as World Poverty, Illiteracy, Third World Debt, Global Warming, Discrimination, Child Labor, and other similar issues. We work with organizations, think tanks, and NGOs as well as multilateral organizations like United Nations, European Union and others in the common pursuit of building a peaceful world. The World Forum believes in resolving all conflicts through dialogue and in this context considers Diplomacy as an important vehicle that brings people together. We also have our own think tank which whom leading experts are attached.

To work with Governments

To work, advise and assist governments in achieving in addressing the global challenges that would directly impact on their governance, and assist, inform and facilitate governments and their officials by connecting them to experts where needed. To create opportunities for governments to connect with other governments in an effort to learn from each other’s experiences, and work together towards providing solution to their citizens. The World Forum also provides policy advice on matters of governance, diplomacy, and foreign policy. Through our experts we can provide policy advice and create opportunities for governments to work with other governments in building goodwill and friendship through expanding cultural, social, and commerce relations with other countries.

In this context our specialist policy advisor can be contacted through our associates Diplomat Consultants